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Technology, Cost of Living and Electronic Waste

Eight ways the continuously changing technology impacts our lifestyle

1 1. A child knows all the rhymes before they go to preschool 🙂 because that is what they have been listening to at home on their parents smartphones and TVs using USB. They are physically active in their playgroups and At home they wish to sit and stick to mobile or TV. Years back kids used to play more when they are not at school.
2 2. School going children are given projects where they have to explore content from internet. Although the internet is not yet so safe for children but project work by school has left no choice. We always fear that our kids accidently dont land up on pages that they shouldnt be visiting.
3 3. Nowadays children go downstairs for cycling or cricket but they do carry smartphones. After playing for a while they sit together and peep into each others phones.
4 4. Selfies and pouts has made everyone more conscious about their looks. It is good to look presentable all the time. This is good
5 5. Every morning we wake up 100s of Good morning messages, and photos of GOD, and motivating quotes. According to vedas, one must do darshan of Laxmi, Saraswati and Govind in ones own palms (spiritually meaning only satkarma be done by these hands). But now every morning our hands fumble for mobiles to check the messages(This although we know that mostly there will no important messages; just forward messages which goes round and round and repeated in all groups).
6 6. Online shopping has created more shopoholics and thereby more and more clutter at home. We forgot that our Dharma talks about “Aparigraha” which means “Dont keep collecting. Live with minimum. That is the way to a satisfied life”.

7 7. Senior Citizens who are learning to use whatsapp and facebook are able to get rid of their loneliness. Good for them. They are able to stay connected to their friends and relatives.

8 8. With android versions chanign too fast, the need for so many apps has made it mandatory to have latest technology smartphones. It is not a one time investment. It soon becomes a waste as the technology changes. Mobiles that we bought 2 to 3 years back are now not good enough if you want to have all basic apps like Amazon, FLipkart, paytm, tatasky, bla bla. Just like electricity bills are a part of our home budget, technology investment for each family member is also now a part of family budget. The cost of living has increased.

Just like a coin has two sides, technology also comes with good and bad faces. We will gain a lot from it but we are equally losing something. I hate articles that only discuss problems. I call it a blabber. One must talk about solutions or ask for it.

I do have some.

Out of all the above points the most deadly is savings the kids from internet. The only solution possible here is to have a solid foundation of moral values in our kids. Obviously all parents try to inculcate good values in their children. But are we really successful. We are tested when our kids turn to teenage.

The solution here is to get associate with some dharmic associations where they hold speciall sessions for chidren of each age group and teach them the necessary values. One that I know is Shrimad Rajchandra mission. It has programmes like Arhat touch, spiritual touch, magical tough programmes. It has a focus on Jainism along with the value incuclation. You may also try and find out some more reliable dharmic foundations.

Do let us know in the comments sections about any such good programmes being conducted for children and spread the word.

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